Bria – Pastel Portrait

Pastel portrait painting 16 inches x 14 inches
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This piece is from a few months ago at one of our portrait drawing sessions. When it’s plein air season, I’m usually painting outdoors. But I love to get back to painting the figure because it teaches me to really “see” my subject matter, whether it’s a face or a forest.

Capturing a good likeness of a person demands that I actually study every single aspect of their countenance. Its so easy to resort to the idea of what a nose or eye looks like instead of what I actually perceive in front of me. When I paint a portrait, I constantly re-evaluate the proportions, the values, the light and shadow, continually morphing the sketch toward a more realistic view of the model and her position in space.

This artwork was created with Paper: Canson Mi-Tients Light Tan Paper
Medium: Rembrandt Pastels and Sennelier Pastels

Holiday and Everyday Cards

Are you looking for some original cards to send this holiday season? Or maybe you’d like a stash of note cards to send for any occasion or to give as gifts? The images below are available as single cards or in bulk quantities. Mix and match as you like! Contact me and I’ll get them right out to you. (All prices are plus taxes and shipping where applicable.)

1-5 cards: $2.00 each          6-20 cards: $1.90 each
21-40 cards: $1.70 each      41-60 cards: $1.60 each
61-80 cards: $1.50 each      81-100 cards: $1.40 each

FebruaryLight-vsm     WinterWoods-vsm
February Light                    Winter Woods

January.vsm     StoneBridge1
January                                         Stonebridge 1

StoneBridge2    ChristmasTreeBalls-vsm
Stonebridge 2                                           Holiday Balls

December Pines
WaterLilies.vsm     HydrangeaReflection.vsm
Water Lilies                                                Hydrangea Reflection

TuscanValley     SemiFonteVineyard23
Tuscan Valley                     SemiFonte

TuscanLight   LodiCreek-vsm
Tuscan Light                                            Lodi Creek




Autumn Schoolhouse – Pastel Painting

Plein air pastel landscape painting        
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This artwork was created with:
Aubergine Art Spectrum Colourfix Pastel Paper

Medium: Rembrandt Pastels and Sennelier Pastels

Commissioned Watercolor Painting

Commissioned atercolor  painting  10″ x 14″   
Please contact me if you are interested in similar artwork.

Every once in a while I receive requests for paintings of corporate buildings. I accept them glady, both for the financial benefits and the painting challenges they provide. I now paint in watercolor, gouache, pastel and oil and my clients can choose from any of those mediums.

LimnoTech in Ann Arbor, Michigan had a special anniversary coming up and the employees wanted to give the owner something special to commemorate it. They contacted me in the fall, but requested I take research photos in the springtime when their work site sparkled with flowering crab trees. The building itself was rather nondescript, except for the interesting entryway. I visited the site 3 or 4 times, at different times of day, to catch the dynamic shadows created by the arches framing the main doors.

I presented them with 4 or 5 different cropped views for consideration and was happy with their choice. I gridded up the photo onto a 300 lb. watercolor paper and started with a clean, even gradation for the sky. I always begin there because if the sky doesn’t come out right, it’s very difficult to “fudge it” later. Then I slowly started laying in the lightest colors first, slowly building layers until the darkest areas are added at the very end. Exactly opposite of the way I deal with pastel and oil paintings.

Happy to report that the employees were very pleased with the outcome, as was the owner!

This artwork was created with:
Paper: Saunders Waterford Watercolor Paper
Medium: DaVinci Watercolors

Plein Air Convention


For years I’ve wanted to attend Plein Air Magazine’s fabulous Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo. It’s the world’s largest gathering of plein air painters attracting nearly 1,000 participants. Some of the best painters in the world are recruited to teach classes and demonstrate in many different mediums and styles. There’s an unbelievable hall full of discounted art supplies (SIGH…), an exhibit space filled with gorgeous work, and plenty of time to paint outdoors, interacting and learning from fellow artists.

But for various reasons, including conflicting schedules, tight funds and family responsibilities, I’ve never made it out west to be a part of the 5-day event. But this year is different.

I was contacted by the Convention faculty coordinator and was asked to be a demonstrating artist and field painter in the Pastel Track!

I am so honored, excited (and not a little nervous) to be included in this painting extravaganza! If you’ve got a couple days open in April you might want to consider going. Its supposed to be an amazing experience and we could paint together!

I just sent in my photos and painting images so I doubt they are up yet but you can check out all the info about the convention here:

This artwork was created with:
Terra Cotta Colourfix Pastel Paper

Medium: Rembrandt Pastels and Sennelier Pastels

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