Kaegi’s Point Oil Painting

Oil seascape painting    9 x 12 inch     SOLD
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In October I attended a wonderful oil landscape workshop by Terry Miura and the paintings I created there have finally dried enough to photograph and post. I wasn’t familiar with his work, but the minute I visited his website, I knew he had a LOT to teach me. His application, techniques, color choices, compositions and subject matter all speak to me.

On the first day, Terry gave a slide show of his work and explained why he does what he does…and how. In the studio, he painted a beautiful demonstration of a farm landscape from a photo. Be still my heart. If you’ve seen my work you know I love to paint old barns and fields (Below is a photo I took of the work in progress, with apologies for the glare…)


Terry told us how important it is to establish your focal point. The most detail, contrast and thick paint should occur there. Other areas require less detail and yet are completely understandable in context. He explained how he uses a limited palette (which I had already adapted) and maintains harmony in the painting by using a bit of every color when mixing a new one.

The students set up to paint from their own photos or one of Terry’s. I worked on a piece (above) from a reference shot in Northern Michigan near our friends’ summer home. Its always overwhelming to try and integrate all the information you receive in a workshop. Usually I find I can only use a small amount at the beginning, but over time, I try to include more of what I have learned into each new piece. Very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Terry!



This artwork was created on: Linen Panel
Medium: Royal Talens Cobra Water Mixable Oil Paints and Holbein Duo Aqua Water Soluble Oil Paints

Peg: Commissioned Pastel Portrait


Pastel portriat painting    12 inches x 9 inches      SOLD
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I’ve been keeping this one under wraps for a while. The husband of one of my close friends, Peg, contacted me and wondered if I might be able to paint a portrait of her for her upcoming birthday.  I looooove doing portrait commissions. But they also scare me to death when they actually have to LOOK like the person. I’ve spent many hours in portrait classes, trying to capture the likeness of our models, so you’d think I’d feel pretty confident. But somehow, there is no pressure there and, if for some reason they don’t come out well, no consequences. This piece was different.

Pete had given me a few very low res photos to work from. I chose one and manipulated it in Photoshop until I had a composition I liked. I also printed out several others as reference. I started by toning a 400-grit, mounted UArt paper with a subtle shade of green. I knew the piece would have lots of pinkish tones so I wanted to have the opposite color (green) sparkle through. I worked very slowly, trying to capture her. I wanted the final piece to be fairly loose so the grey-purple underdrawing had to be correct from the start. I softly layered pigment focusing on her face and leaving as much background showing through as possible in the other areas.

I was fairly pleased with the outcome, and Pete and Peg seemed to like it as well…

This artwork was created with:

Paper: UArt Pastel Paper
Medium: Rembrandt Pastels and Sennelier Pastels

Art Off the Wall Exhibit

Pastel winterscape painting     10 inches x 10 inches     $425 Framed
Please contact me if you are interested in this or similar artwork.

Here in Michigan, like most of the United States, we got a very early introduction to winter. Cold and snowy before Thanksgiving, ugh. Hopefully, it isn’t a forecast for another horrific winter like last year!

I was very excited to be invited to show in a special exhibition that is being hosted by the Ann Arbor Art Center, December 12- January 3. Ten talented, local artists were asked to provide up to 25 paintings for the Art Off the Wall show. As a fundraiser for the Center, all art will be hung Salon Style and as soon as one piece sells, another will replace it. I’m contributing a lot of pastels (including the one above) and a few gouache paintings to this worthwhile endeavor.

We’ll be having a grand opening reception, too. Please join us Friday, December 12, 2014 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM and enjoy  food, wine and live jazz. You can read all about the exhibit and reception here.

This artwork was created with:

Paper: Belgium Mist Kitty Wallis Pastel Paper
Medium: Rembrandt Pastels and Sennelier Pastels

Holiday Cards!

It’s that wonderful time of year again! Are you looking for unique holiday cards? Something that’s art-inspired and not available at those big box stores? I may have exactly what you’re looking for.

Below are images of my paintings which are available on holiday cards. They’re professionally printed on fine paper stock and blank inside, so you can embellish them with your own personal message. They’re reasonably priced and ready to spread your holiday cheer!

20 cards/21 envelopes- $25
40 cards/42 envelopes- $45
60 cards/63 envelopes- $65
80 cards/84 envelopes- $85
100 cards/105 envelopes- $100
(plus shipping and taxes if applicable)

If you’re interested in sending any of these cards to your friends and family, contact me at jill@jillwagnerart.com

















Behind the Monastery Oil Painting

Oil landscape painting    9 x 12 inch     SOLD
Please contact me if you are interested in this or similar artwork.

I was very honored to be asked to give a presentation of my Italian watercolor, gouache, pastel and oil paintings to a local painters group last week. I showed a small group of pieces that were either painted on site or inspired by my many trips to Italy. After the slides, I gave a oil painting demonstration working from a photograph I took this summer at La Romita. I’ve done a few demos in pastel, but this was my first one in oil. I must admit I was nervous. But everyone was kind and interested and it went pretty well.

Because I was a bit worried, I painted the scene beforehand in my studio in 2 hours. Just to make sure I could. The studio painting (above), not unexpectedly, more closely captured my vision for the piece. So I decided to keep it and paint over the one I did for the presentation, saving the linen panel for another day’s work.

Nora Venturelli, art teacher extraordinaire, has printed her flyers for next summer’s landscape workshop at La Romita in Umbria. Interested in joining us? We’d love to share the wonder of this place with you! Below is a jpeg with all pertinent information. Contact me or Nora if you have questions…



This artwork was created on: Linen Panel
Medium: Royal Talens Cobra Water Mixable Oil Paints and Holbein Duo Aqua Water Soluble Oil Paints

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