Miche – Oil Portrait Sketch

Oil Portrait Sketch    15 x 18 inches  

Well, another figure drawing season has gone by and I managed to make it to a few classes, but definitely not enough. We’ll be on hiatus for the summer and then restart again in the fall. This piece was from a couple of months ago during one of our long sessions, where the model keeps the same pose for the whole 3 hours (minus breaks every 20 minutes.) Tried to stay sketchy and loose, and still push around lots of thick paint…

This artwork was created with Paper: Gessoed Watercolor Paper
Medium: Royal Talens Cobra Water Mixable Oil Paints and Holbein Duo Aqua Water Soluble Oil Paints

Irene – Pastel Portrait

Pastel portrait painting 16 inches x 12 inches
Please contact me if you are interested in this or similar artwork.

Its been waaaaay too long since I’ve attended a portrait or figure drawing session. I think his piece was done sometime last winter. During the warm months I can’t stand to be inside and waste a day outside in the sun. In the winter months I wouldn’t be caught dead out there!!

This artwork was created with Paper: Canson Mi-Tients Tan Paper
Medium: Rembrandt Pastels and Sennelier Pastels

Home Sweet Home Oil Painting

Plein Air Oil Landscape Painting    9 x 12 inches    SOLD

Please contact me if you are interested in similar artwork.

I was painting this sweet little house on the side of a dirt road in Saline when a woman stopped and asked if I knew the owner of the house, her neighbor. She told me that the owners had lived in the house for years and the husband had just died. She thought the wife would love the painting of their home and she was right! The woman invited me over and took me on a golf cart tour of her whole farm. The house had been built before the Civil War and the outbuildings were even older. I was bowled over by the beauty of the place and timidly asked if I could paint in her fields. YES! Any time I want. Plus, she bought the painting.

Doesn’t get much better than that!
This artwork was created on: Linen Panel
Medium: Sennelier, Gamblin, Michael Harding and Richeson Oil Paints

Painting Supply Tips

In a couple of days I’ll hit the road again, this time to the Mountain Maryland Plein Air Festival in Cumberland. I still have lots of paintings from the Finger Lakes to post, but I won’t be able to photograph them this week. So I thought I’d tell you about a couple of nifty tips I picked up along the way for painting both en plein air and in the studio.

*When I’m at plein air festivals, I paint 2-4 paintings a day, for 5-6 days straight. I don’t like to burden my host with wet paint all over their house, but that’s a lot of paintings to try and juggle in your car. I’d heard some artists use stacked pizza boxes to protect their work as they travel through the countryside, but that gets pretty bulky. Recently at Costco, I was given a heavy-duty vegetable carton to take out my purchases. It struck me that since I use linen panels instead of stretched canvas, I could fit a lot of artworks in that box if I just stacked them. I had my studio assistant, Kat, layer cardboard with styrofoam strips in between. I can fit 10 paintings inside to dry. Super cheap. Super light. And Super efficient. I call it my painting oven.

*I always keep a large piece of plastic in my car for many uses on the road. Early on a dewy morning or after a rain storm, I place it under my easel where I stand. It is no fun to paint all day in wet shoes. Plus, it keeps my supply bag dry too. Sometimes I have a really great view right next to my SUV, but I need a little more shade than my umbrella can provide. I tape the plastic onto the top of my hatch back and extend it over my umbrella to create an extended roof. When I frame on the last day of the event, I spread the plastic over whatever surface I have to work on, protecting both it and my frames from scratches.

*At the Oil Painters of America Convention, master artist William Whitaker gave us a cool tip. He said that after cleaning his brushes he soaks them in hair conditioner. He just puts a big glob on them and after rubbing it into the bristles, he forms them back into the correct shape and leaves them that way until he needs them again. A quick rinse in solvent and they’re ready to go. I bring a little hotel-size bottle with me on the road. My brushes used to get so unruly after non-stop use. Now they behave nicely. And YES. Rosemary brushes ARE as good as everyone says they are. I. LOVE. THEM.



Another Day in Paradise

Plein Air Oil Waterscape Painting    8 x 16 inches    SOLD

Please contact me if you are interested in similar artwork.

I just returned from a fantastic week at the Finger Lakes Plein Air Festival. It’s drop-dead beautiful in that area of New York and I’ve made close friends there over the years. I drive 8 hours straight to get there on Monday. We paint non-stop Tuesday thru Saturday morning, attend the big private gala opening on Saturday night, and also the public showing on Sunday afternoon. Then we pile everything that’s left after the sale into the car and drive home. I do just fine through all that. Then I get home and collapse.

I sold this painting of Lake Canandaigua the night of the big gala to one of my favorite people. She bought it for her husband’s birthday and he was very happy. I just noticed that in the background of this photo is another painting they purchased from me, the Best of Show in the 2015 Seneca Lake Plein Air Festival. It is very nice to have art-lovers who collect your work…and I am very grateful.  ;o)



This artwork was created on: Linen Panel
Medium: Sennelier, Gamblin, Michael Harding and Richeson Oil Paints

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